Leadership and communication go hand in hand. Dart Studio supports your unique communication style and helps you develop skills to increase the impact of your message.  Because building these skills goes beyond a single presentation, Heather works with individuals and teams to incorporate them into future presentations. 

Heather's coaching for individuals and teams is grounded in a discipline that builds a high-level communication repertoire.  

By applying years of expertise and research, Heather addresses the specific needs of your company.  

She listens.  She asks questions.  She inspires you to bring your best story.

“Thank you for a great coaching session - they ate it up. Your process is brilliant and delivered perfectly. I could not be happier. The attendees told me how practical and immediately applicable it is.”
— Bill Mills, CEO, Executive Group

Dart Studio works with teams or individuals to increase the impact of every presentation whether it is a rebranding campaign, new company initiative or stakeholder presentation.

“Heather helped our team with a sales presentation competition for a revolutionary idea. We won. Our final presentation was a product of her dedication to helping us communicate with authenticity and clarity.”
— University of Minnesota Health Care Management team.