Leadership and communication go hand in hand. I support your unique communication style and helps you develop skills that increase your message’s impact.  Because building these skills goes beyond a single presentation, I also coach individuals and teams on how to incorporate them into future presentations. 

My coaching for individuals and teams is grounded in a discipline that builds high-level, empathetic communication, addressing the specific needs of your company.

I listens.  I ask questions.  I inspire you to bring your best story.

“We had a 30% sales increase after adopting Heather’s story-structure method and philosophy to our sales presentations!
— Insite Software Sales Team

Working with teams or individuals to increase the impact of every presentation.

“Heather helped our team with a sales presentation competition for an innovative idea. We won! Our final presentation was a product of her commitment to help us deliver an authentic and clear message.”
— University of Minnesota Health Care Management team.