Your presentation is your story.

It's your idea.  You need to tell it well.   You need to more than passion to ignite your audience.   I develop unique tools for leaders delivering a key presentation or who just want grow these skills for themselves and their staff.  Because you need to deliver more than a plan.  You need to inspire.

I am dedicated to developing tools that bring presentation expertise to dreamers and change makers like you. 


We've Been Helping these Admired Brands Share
Their Stories Since 2014

“Heather is a great distiller of big ideas into easier-to-digest visuals. Her presentation was brilliant.”
— Mark Evenstad, CEO Acova (former CEO-Upsher Smith)

Presentation Development

Incorporating the art of storytelling, I bring order to my client's ideas and create clarity and flow, because your presentation is more than a slideshow.  It's your chance to bring change.  

Capturing the essence of your story visually, you show your audience what you want to do...and how they can be part of the story.

In the end, you will have a strong presentation crafted with a structure based on brain research and a powerful slide deck created from drawing on years of top talent visual experience.


Presentation Coaching

Leadership and communication go hand in hand.  I support your unique communication style and help you develop skills to increase the impact of your message.  Building these skills goes beyond a single presentation.  

My coaching for individuals and teams is grounded in a discipline that builds a high-level, empathy-based communication so you can deliver the message your audience NEEDS to hear.  

“Heather helped us craft our story in a way that built credibility, trust, and relevance with our core audience.”

— Andrew Mullin, Director, Business Development, Shutterfly