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Client Experience: A mid level manager had a goal of getting $millions from the leadership team to start a new platform. Results after the presentation - success. He called and said, "Heather, we got it!"

Client Experience: Top level executive needed five leaders to say yes to a big idea and become a team. Results after his presentation - 100% buy in.  He called the presentation "brilliant." 

Client Experience: Environmental Advocate presented to the USDA. Results - she is invited back to present to higher level officials. Her audience called her talk "inspirational." She told us, "Your process really works." 



Video: Client testimonial from world-renowned entomologist, Dr. Florence Dunkel


Client Testimonial from Dr. Gretchen Heefner

"After extensive consultation with me, Heather created a simple but elegant template for my lecture course. The template has been so effective and easy to use that over the past two years, I have continued to adapt new courses and material to it. Heather created a color-sequence to highlight particular course themes and taught me how to use different visual cues in order to reach a broad audience. Working with Heather meant not only accessing great design skills, but a unique perspective on how to make what is often terribly boring -- power point presentations -- into one of the most stimulating teaching tools. In teaching evaluations, my presentations are always praised!" - Dr. Gretchen Heefner, Professor of History, Northeastern University