We help you transform how you communicate and influence with presentations.




Identify your purpose and main message: 

We listen to your message and research your topic, information, audience, and key points.


Story Structure Method

Structure your presentation: 

Message organization is critical.  Using StoryStructure Method, we develop a narrative and flow to bring your vision alive so your audience sees themselves as champions in the story and asks themselves how they can participate.


Design A Visual Vocabulary

Create a Visual Vocabulary

We create a unique Visual Vocabulary  to tell your story in a way that connects with the audience and brings unity to your story’s message. 






Deliver and Share for Impact

We create pre-reads and followups to keep your message in front of your audience.  

Your tailored slide deck is custom made to fit your budget and timeline. 

“Heather is a designer and also a great distiller of big ideas into easier-to-digest visuals. Her presentation was brilliant.”

Mark Evenstad, CEO Acova (former CEO-Upsher Smith)