As a thought leader, senior manager, or executive, you are regularly communicating and presenting. It’s part of your mission to share ideas that motivate others - that’s how you keep your company growing. 


Whether it’s pitching for new business, motivating your sales team or giving a keynote speech, Dart Studio will ensure your presentation is  influential, memorable and successful.


Leaders like you endorse heather and her Results

Heather created a presentation that convinced five CEOs to work collaboratively to develop consistent messaging throughout our four subsidiaries and the parent company.

 “Heather is a designer and also a great distiller of big ideas into easier-to-digest visuals. Her presentation was brilliant.”

Mark Evenstad, CEO Acova (former CEO-Upsher Smith)





"Thank you for a great coaching session—they ate it up. Your process is brilliant and delivered perfectly. I could not be happier. The folks that stuck around afterward told me how practical and immediately applicable it is."

Bill Mills, CEO, Executive Group


“Heather helped our team with a sales presentation for a revolutionary idea. We won. Our final presentation was a product of her dedication to helping us communicate with authenticity and clarity.”

University of Minnesota Health Care Management team.